Barrens Tiger Beetle

Species Name: Cicindela patruela

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Species Distribution in Massachusetts

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Federal Rank: None

Massachusetts State Rank: Endangered

Habitat Description

Sparsely vegetated openings in pitch pine-scrub oak barrens. This species requires patches of bare sand, where adult beetles forage and mate, and where larval beetles construct burrows and capture prey.

Threats to Survival

They are threatened by habitat loss and suppression of fire, which is needed to maintain the open vegetation structure of its habitat. Off-road vehicles kill adult beetles and larvae by crushing them, as well as cause extensive habitat damage by rutting consolidated sand, rendering it unsuitable for larval burrows. Aerial insecticide spraying is a potential threat.

Actions Recommended to Ensure Survival

Regular burning of habitats to maintain an open vegetation structure. Limiting aerial insecticide spraying and use of off-road vehicles. Limiting habitat loss is the most important factor in preserving their longevity as a species.