Blanding’s Turtle

Species Name: Emydoidea blandingii

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Species Distribution in Massachusetts


Federal Rank: None

Massachusetts State Rank: Threatened

Habitat Description

A variety of wetland and terrestrial habitat types. Seasonal pools, marshes, scrub-shrub wetlands, and open uplands. Varies depending on the individual and the amount of precipitation, with more upland utilization during dry years.

Threats to Survival

They travel very long distances during their active season and do not reproduce until late in life (~14-20 yrs old) and have low nest and juvenile survivorship. As such, a 1-2% increase in adult mortality can have comparatively large effects on the population. Roads are most commonly the cause of adult mortality, as they travel to typically 3-6 wetlands a year, crossing roads in the process.

Actions Recommended to Ensure Survival

Limit the effects human developments have on their habitat.